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Before the Heat Becomes Unbearable, Get an AC Tune Up

It is starting to get pretty hot out there, isn’t it? It will not be long now before the thermostat climbs well over 80 and just sits there for a few months. Have you turned your air conditioner on yet? If not, you should do so soon, just to make sure that it is working well. Air conditioners need regular maintenance and upkeep, and if it has been a while since it was checked out, it is very possible that you will need an AC tune up.

Why Get an AC Tune Up?

If an AC unit is not tuned up correctly, it will lose efficiency and will not be able to cool your home as well as it should. In addition, if the coils are dirty or there is a lack of coolant, this also affects how well the unit will function. Every time you turn your AC on in this condition, you will be losing money because it will have to work harder and the output will not be as good. At minimum, your AC unit should get a tune up once a year, preferably before the hot weather arrives and you start using it often.

How Do You Know if You Need an AC Tune Up?

The best way to tell if your AC needs a tune up is to just turn it on. Wait a little while and feel if there is a noticeable temperature change in your house. If there is only a slight difference or no difference at all, most likely something is wrong. The next thing to do is go take a look at the unit.

You may be able to spot the problem, but if you do not see anything, it is time to bring in a pro. An experienced AC technician will inspect every part of your unit, including the coils, capacitors, coolant, and compressor to see where the problem may lie. Chances are, if no one has looked at it for a while, you will probably just need an AC tune up.

This summer is expected to be a very hot one. Before the heat wave hits, you need to make sure your air conditioner will be able to keep you cool all summer long. If your AC is having problems, or you just want to make sure it is in good running order, give Gwyn Services a call. We will come out to your home and take a thorough look at your AC, and give it the tune up it needs. And just because your air conditioner is working fine now does not mean it will hold up all summer.

You just never know when a problem will arise, and most likely it will occur at the most inopportune time, such as mid-July. An AC tune up is generally a pretty quick procedure, and in no time we will make sure that your AC is in great shape to handle the upcoming hot weather.