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Get Furnace Repair off Your To-Do List!

Autumn has kicked in with its temperature variations. Sometime in the last few weeks, you probably turned your heat on at least once, and you’ve discovered whether your system is going to work like a charm, or if you need to make an appointment for furnace repair. And, while all of us at Gwyn Services are happy to provide any furnace repair service that you need, we want you to get as good a deal as possible. Let us introduce you to our Gwyn HomeGuard Plans.


With this plan, we will provide two heating and/or cooling maintenance visits each year. You will receive a 15-percent discount on any air conditioner or furnace repair as well as electrical and plumbing repair. There will never be an overtime charge for night, weekend or holiday emergency calls, either. You will benefit from priority scheduling for non-emergency plumbing, electrical, AC or furnace repair and guaranteed same-day response for emergencies. And, we will include a 30-day labor-free guarantee, which means that if your trade-specific equipment fails within 30 days of the guarantee period, all labor for your electrical, plumbing, AC or furnace repair for that equipment is free.


This plan also gives you two heating and/or cooling maintenance visits per year, and also includes one service visit per year for plumbing or electrical maintenance. (You can alternate these services each year to ensure that everything is always in tip-top shape.) You will get a 20-percent discount on any plumbing, electrical, AC and furnace repair. As with the Silver plan, you won’t be charged for night, weekend or holiday emergency calls and you will receive non-emergency priority scheduling and guaranteed same-day emergency response. And, you will receive a 60-day labor-free guarantee on all trade-specific equipment.


Our highest-value plan also offers two heating and/or cooling service visits and one plumbing or electrical service visit each year, along with the same promise that you will not be charged for night, weekend or holiday emergencies and you will have priority scheduling for non-emergencies as well as same-day response to emergency calls. In addition, you will enjoy a 25-percent discount on plumbing, electrical, AC and furnace repair as well as a 90-day labor-free guarantee on all trade-specific equipment.

And, all HomeGuard Plans qualify you for membership in our Loyalty Club, where every consecutive year of HomeGuard coverage entitles you to $50 in Gwyn Bucks applied to your account in the event that you need replacement or installation of a water heater, HVAC system or whole-house generator.

A Step Further

If you want to lower your energy bills the maximum amount, and decrease your need for furnace repair, talk with us about a ClimateMaster Geothermal system that harnesses the earth’s constant temperature to heat and cool your home. Some systems have saved homeowners as much as 70 percent over their old HVAC system. Furnace repair will just be a memory and today’s federal, state and local tax incentives will make this high-efficiency system truly affordable.