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Get Ready for Summer with an AC Tune Up

Is your air conditioning system ready for an AC tune up? There are certain maintenance tasks, such as changing the air filters, which you can perform on your own. But only an HVAC specialist can ensure your air conditioner is running at peak efficiency and will perform properly for the whole season. You’ll save money on your electric bills and enjoy peace-of-mind knowing an expert has given your AC the “all-clear” sign to run for hours on end throughout the summer.

Regular Maintenance Makes the Difference

Imagine the hot, humid summer months, when your air conditioner is cranking at full capacity to keep you and your loved ones cool. An air conditioner breaking down is not only inconvenient. It can be dangerous if you have elderly people or very young children in your home. Emergency service calls in August can be expensive, while an AC tune up to prevent problems is surprisingly affordable.

Additionally, a regular AC tune-up keeps your central air conditioning unit running at peak efficiency, which can save you money throughout the summer, and especially mid-day when electric rates may be higher.

What Does An AC Tune Up Include?

Gwyn Systems completes a number of important service tasks, while ensuring that your system has no broken parts or parts that are near the end of their life cycle, which could break and cause your AC to stop working during the dog days of summer.

Let’s look at some of the key pieces that make your AC unit function as it should and the work we do on them during an annual visit.

Condenser Coils

Condenser coils play an important part in your AC’s operation and we spend time making sure they are functioning as they should. Your Gwyn Systems professional inspects and cleans the condenser coils to reduce wear and tear on your air conditioning system and increase efficiency.


We monitor the compressor to ensure it’s putting out the proper amperage and drawing the right voltage, and check to make sure the wiring connections are secure.


Your technician evaluates the coolant level and the operating pressure of the coolant, and will recommend adding coolant as necessary to ensure top operation for your unit.

Blower and Fan

We evaluate the blower motor’s performance and inspect the blower belt for wear and tear, recommending a replacement if we feel it will be necessary before the end of the season. Similarly, we will inspect and clean the fan blade and monitor the volts and amps on the fan motor.


We calibrate and level the thermostat for better efficiency, and inspect all the electrical connections, tightening where necessary, to ensure safe, continued operation.

Your AC tune up doesn’t end with the central air conditioning unit, though. We also
inspect your home’s ductwork, looking for opportunities to increase efficiency by sealing the space around the ducts to reduce energy loss and improve efficiency.


We clean or replace the filters as required.

It takes less than two hours for our professionals to perform a complete AC tune up, and the peace-of-mind you’ll receive lasts all summer long.