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Gwyn Services Now Offers Home Water Alarms

Imagine the structural and cosmetic damage and the inconvenience you would experience if a leak from your home’s water heater went undetected. Think about the operational destruction and disruption of business caused by an unnoticed cracked pipe in your company’s utility room. And, there is always the danger of a storm or broken water main causing flooding inside while you are not there. A reliable water alarm that would alert you when a situation needs your attention could save much money and heartache for your family or business.

Modern monitoring systems offer even more system management options that ever before. In addition to a water alarm, you can opt for a freeze monitor that will alert you when temperatures drop low enough to potentially freeze your water pipes. Also available are power failure sensors that tell you when the electricity has gone out and when it has been restored. Whether you install these systems in your home, office or on properties you manage, their ultimate value is easy to imagine.

A Water Alarm Will Give Peace of Mind

A water alarm, in general, is designed to detect leaks or overflows caused by anything from a broken water heater or leaking hose to flooding caused by main city pipe breaks or major weather events. Put simply, a water alarm will alert you when water accumulates where it is not supposed to be so you can take immediate action to minimize damage.

Basic alarms should be loud enough to be heard from anywhere in your house, of course. But a programmable water alarm will also text or email your phone in case a problem develops while you are away from home. If your basement is a finished living space, this feature could help minimize expensive damage to floors, furniture and electronics. Even if your basement is unfinished, knowing about excess moisture will help you control mold and mildew that could affect your family’s health.

If you are considering a commercial application, a dependable water alarm offers the same peace of mind as a residential water alarm. Even if everything harmed or ruined is covered by insurance, lost production time or unfocused employee hours during the repair period could represent a major business expense.

There are many types of water alarm to consider, depending on your residential or commercial need and your budget. You may want a straightforward basement sump pump water alarm or a model that also monitors your sewage pump. You may prefer a more comprehensive freeze-flood-power failure combination alarm and any of several types of controls and accessories that are available. Our trained professionals at Gwyn Services are here to answer questions and provide the best guidance as you make your decision.

Trust Gwyn Services To Take Care of You

At Gwyn Services, we are licensed to sell, efficiently install, regularly maintain and provide emergency service to your home’s electrical system, its plumbing system and its heating and air conditioning system anywhere in the greater Piedmont Triad area. Our professional technicians can be scheduled for a pre-planned appointment or called any time for 24-hour emergency service. We are dedicated to giving dependable, honest, prompt attention to every customer’s needs by providing only the highest quality products and workmanship and doing it all at a fair and reasonable price.

If you live in Davidson, Davie, Forsyth, Guilford, Stokes, Surry, or Yadkin counties, just fill out the online “Information Request” form or email us at info@GwynServices.com or call us at 336-774-1818 to discuss your home or office water alarm needs.