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Honeywell Generators Protect What You Love

Gwyn Services and Honeywell generators make the perfect combination! Gwyn Services has been committed to maintaining and improving homes in the Piedmont Triad since 1972. It only fits that we would partner with Honeywell- one of the oldest American companies known for quality products and home improvement!

Honeywell generators provide a priceless product for today’s homeowners: peace of mind. Your home is your most valuable asset and the place where your family needs to feel safe and secure. Honeywell generators work efficiently to restore needed power to the most important areas and systems in your home. At Gwyn Services, we are confident that the Honeywell generators we install are providing stability and sustenance to homeowners. Honeywell generators support homeowners at a time when they may otherwise have to relocate their family, leave their home and lose a large amount of money by having to discard the contents of refrigerators and freezers.

We evaluated many systems but found Honeywell generators have many more convenient, efficient and important features than similar products. Honeywell generators have all of the latest technology built in along with providing the basic service of keeping the power on in your home during a power outage.

Honeywell Generator FAQ

How Does an Automated Backup Generator Work?

A transfer switch works with the generator to sense when the main power source has been lost. Within seconds, the generator will automatically start to supply power to the chosen areas or appliances. Even if the entire situation takes place when you are away from home, the generator will perform its important function when needed and will shut down automatically when it senses that the power has been restored.

What Fuels the Generator?

Honeywell generators run on your existing natural gas or liquid propane fuel supply. These alternative fuels meet EPA clean air standards and are in continuous supply. Your generator will not run out of fuel and will keep your power going until utility power has been restored.

How Do I Choose the Correct Size Generator?

You have many choices, when you begin shopping for a generator. Honeywell generators have a wide range of sizes with various capabilities. You can back up every circuit in your home or choose select appliances or areas that are most important to your family. Especially in homes where the family includes children, the elderly or a disabled person, the security of knowing that you will not have to evacuate your home while a power outage becomes even more critical.

Isn’t a Generator Very Noisy?

There is an incredible amount of features built into all Honeywell generators. Even the larger units are unbelievably quiet. They have developed a WhisperCheck mode that runs even quieter than normal operation when performing weekly self-tests.

If I’m Away from Home, How Will I Know That the Generator is Working?

With the new MobileLink remote monitoring system, you can check on your generator from a mobile device, smartphone or computer.

What If I Need to Use a Power Tool or Small Appliance That Isn’t on the Generator’s Circuit?

Honeywell generators can provide an external outlet that allows tools and appliances to be plugged directly into the generator.

Can the Exterior Withstand Harsh Winter Weather?

Honeywell generators are enclosed in high-quality aluminum that can withstand winds up to 150 mph. They are certified to government standards to allow installation as near as 18 inches from the house. Salt air or torrential rain is no threat to the special protective finish that also resists corrosion.

What If My home Has Multiple Air Conditioning Units?

Honeywell generators offer additional modules that can be placed indoors or out to handle additional large loads of power.

Do Honeywell Generators Come with a Warranty?

All have a five-year warranty.

With all of the special features and cost-effective solutions offered by Honeywell generators, you can understand why we at Gwyn Services are so proud to be the local source for these products. Gwyn Services prides itself on meeting our customers’ needs with the best quality products and superior workmanship. Honeywell is the perfect partner to help us achieve those goals!