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Maintenance Prevents Heating Breakdowns

More common than you think, heating equipment breakdowns happen on the coldest days of the year, but, unfortunately, it’s usually not the fault of the equipment.  Many people are guilty of neglecting their home’s comfort system.  Without a regular maintenance each year, the equipment loses 5% of its efficiency, which means you are losing money and greater strain is being put on your equipment to keep up with your desired indoor temperatures!  If you are among many that have not had your heating equipment serviced in over four years, you are also among those that are losing over 40% of their furnace’s or heat pump’s efficiency.  Can you imagine how much money you’re losing, too, in heating costs?  And what about future costly repairs? So, what can you do about it?  And when should you do it?  (That last one is a trick question–never put off a few simple steps to ensure your home’s comfort, especially before bad weather hits.)

First things first: check your filter.  The average household has standard 1″ filters that need to be changed every month–sometimes more frequently if you have pets, near-by construction, use aerosols (like hairspray, room scent sprays, or deodorant), or if you bake a lot, which would introduce minute flour particles into the air system.  Replacing a dirty filter can free clogged air ways, which may have put more stress on your system’s fan blower.

Next, be aware.  How does the air feel to you?  Do you feel moisture?  Are you comfortable with the temperature setting?  Do you breathe easier in your home than you do outside?  Do you feel like the equipment is keeping up with the set-point you demand for your ultimate comfort?  What do your electric bills look like, and have you noticed a spike in expense from last year’s season comparatively?  The clues to how you feel in your home and what you’re spending on your heating and cooling are great indicators of the peace of mind you will have this coming season.

The next step is to get a plan to have your equipment maintained regularly.  At least once a year, both your heating and cooling systems should be evaluated to ensure proper operations.  There are hundreds of moving parts that make up these machines, and like a vehicle, they must be cared for.  From valves, wires, belts, gears, motors, tubing, chemicals, lining, controls, connections, indoor air quality devices, even down to the smallest screw and more, a professional heating and cooling technician will be able to check and evaluate the performance of all the details for you.  Having a tune-up once a year is great, but often you will find savings in a maintenance contract plan with a professional heating and cooling company.  AND the benefits list increases not only for your home’s comfort system, but also for YOU!  Here are some of the benefits of having a contract maintenance plan:

93% of equipment failure happens because the equipment was not properly maintain-ed.  Don’t let your system be part of that statistic.  A company like Gwyn Electrical, Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling can provide all of those benefits listed above, but because we have been providing the ultimate in home comfort in Winston Salem and the Piedmont Triad since 1972, we have perfected the maintenance contract to also include electrical and plumbing system maintenance.  Enjoy all the comforts of your home while having that peace of mind that you will be safe and comfortable all year long!  Call our office to get details about the Gwyn HomeGuard plans, and see which one is right for you!