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Outdoor Lighting Steals the Scene

Outdoor LightingImagine coming home from work, pulling into your driveway.  Accents and architectural details are highlighted against the structure of your home, much in a way you’ve never noticed before, and the ambient, soothing glow welcomes you like a sanctuary from the world outside.    You have a clear view of the front perimeter, and all the hard work you’ve put into your curb appeal beckon you to come and relax among beautiful flowers and organic-shaped footpaths to focal points of your landscaping. As you step out of your vehicle, your path is lit at your feet as you easily navigate to your front door, where a soft, glowing over-head lamp gives you access to your key-lock.  And there you are, looking out from the inside now, as the clean, soft-pruned trunks of your crepe myrtle trees are lit from underneath, making the ornamentals seem almost magical against the dusky evening, with little pops of fuchsia blooms against the fading light.   You breathe a sigh of relief of being safely home, and smile in satisfaction.

Un-lit Landscaping ExampleNow think about the same scene with all of the glow, and lighting taken away.  You pull into your driveway, missing the concrete or asphalt and inadvertently parking on your grass.  You can barely see what you’re stepping on when you get out of your car, and you’re sure you just stuck your foot into a freshly-planted flower bed.  Tripping over landscaping timbers or walkway paving stones, you clumsily make your way to the front door, and stand for minutes fumbling to find the right key, and then again trying the lock with your key, not really sure if you’re making the keyhole or not.  You hear something in the neighbor’s yard, but can’t see past your nose, so you work harder to get inside.  You finally make it in and you look back to make sure you didn’t drop anything on the way in or that you’re being followed by the boogeyman, but you can’t see anything, which only heightens your anxiety.  You don’t realize you’re holding your breath, and your muscles are tired.  You sigh in exasperation and close the door, firmly locking the deadbolt.

Springtime is often a time of renewal of our home’s spaces.   Homeowners begin by evaluating what changes can improve their comfort, but also increase their home’s value, and adding outdoor lighting is a project that will not only make the home more attractive, but also increase a home’s value and lay-out a safer environment.

With the addition of an outdoor lighting plan, which is often-times less expensive than expected, families and friends can experience more memorable evening entertainment.  Imagine pool parties, dinners on the patio or deck, or even outdoor movies shown on the lawn!

The American Lighting Association has provided tips for homeowners planning on adding outdoor lighting to their home-scapes:

Your world is a stage from which you present your creativity and beauty.  Your home should reflect such things, and should give yourself, your family, and your friends pleasure in being among them.  If you are willing, you can make the changes necessary to your home to steal the scene every time.

Happy Springing from your friends at Gwyn!