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Springtime AC Repair Tips

At Gwyn Services, we offer 24-hour, seven-day-a-week emergency service for all of your electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling needs. Now that the long, cold winter is over, though, let’s focus for a bit on your home’s air conditioning system. If you do need AC repair, you want to be sure it’s done before those hot, humid, summer days roll around!

We are always happy to come out and fix anything that’s not working with your home’s air conditioning system. But, before you spend time and money on our professional service, here are a few AC repair items you can easily check at home.

For reference, let’s do a quick overview of your system parts that might be involved in an AC repair problem.

There are two major components – a condensing unit that is located outside the house and the evaporator coil (also called an A-coil) that is inside your furnace or air handler. The coolant in the A-coil absorbs heat from your home and takes it outside to the condensing unit. There, the fan blows air through the coil to remove the heat. The condensing unit has three parts that would be a simple enough AC repair for homeowners to do, if you are inclined: the contactor, the start/run capacitors, and the condenser fan motor.

The condenser also has a compressor, but only a professional should work on that. Also, only a professional should service the A-coil.

Even if all that sounds complicated, there’s an easy AC repair that you can do.

If your house is getting little or no cool air, check these things:

If your AC repair is one of these problems, you’ve just fixed it yourself!

If your house is sometimes cooling but sometimes not cooling, try these:

Turn the electricity off. Don’t attempt a do-it-yourself AC repair without shutting off the power.

These simple steps may keep you from having to pay for AC repair.

But, if you do need to call a professional, we at Gwyn Services stand ready to help you.  We are licensed in all three major subcontracting trades – electrical, plumbing, and heating-cooling – which makes us your “go to guys” for whatever maintenance your home needs.

Whether it’s AC repair, or another maintenance system in your home, Gwyn can handle it for you!