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Thinking of Converting From an Oil to a Gas Furnace?

With the coldest season getting closer and closer, now is the time to give consideration to your home’s heating system. It is expected to be a very harsh winter this year, so you need to make sure your furnace will be able to keep everyone in your home warm. In addition, you also do not want to have to pay a fortune in heating bills. If you currently have an oil furnace, the solution could be with a conversion to gas.

What are the Advantages of Heating with Gas?

Natural gas offers many benefits compared to oil, such as:

Improved Efficiency

Gas burns more completely than oil, which means you are getting more for your money.

Possible Rebates

Often you will be able to get a rebate from a natural gas company when you convert to a gas furnace.

Better Budgeting

Generally, when you have a furnace that uses oil, you have to pre-pay for it. But with gas, you only pay for what you use.

Better Reliability

An oil furnace is dependent on having the proper amount oil. This means constantly having to worry if there is enough in there and when it may run out. On the other hand, a gas furnace is hooked up to the lines managed by a utility company. You will never have to fear using up too much gas.

Lower Costs

This could be the biggest reason to think about converting your oil furnace to a gas furnace. While the price of oil may not be terribly high right now, you just never know when it will increase and keep increasing. The cost of gas is always pretty steady.

The Process of Converting from an Oil to a Gas Furnace

If you want to change the way your furnace runs, the process may sound complicated. Although it can be expensive, it is worthwhile in the long run for the money you will eventually be saving. The first thing you should do is get different estimates from a few contractors. Once you have made a choice, the contractor should come out to your home to give your furnace a thorough inspection.

It is possible that your oil furnace will be able to be converted to one that runs on gas, but chances are you will need a new one. You also need to contact a utility company to see if you can get gas into your home. Not all homes have this option. But if the company says you can, the next step is the conversion or installation of your gas furnace.

If you have not already thought about your heating needs, you should do it now before it becomes too late. And if you are looking for a better way to heat your home, get in touch with Gwyn Services. Our pros will come out to your home, examine your furnace, discuss your options and get your home set up with one that runs on gas. You don’t need to have different contractors handling parts of the conversion, Gwyn Services can handle the entire job, so that you are only dealing with one company. Our experienced professionals will ensure that your conversion goes smoothly and stays within your budget.