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Why You Should Consider a Tankless Water Heater for Your Home

Home innovation has come a long way in recent years. There are many things that have been developed for your home that make life a lot easier and a variety of tasks more convenient. One area that has seen vast improvements is home water heating. Water heaters have evolved significantly. No longer do people have to deal with big, bulky models that are not efficient or particularly cost-effective, thanks to tankless water heaters. If you need a new water heater for your home, here are the reasons why you should think about going tankless and consider purchasing a Rinnai tankless water heater.


How often have you jumped in the shower only to discover that you had about two minutes of hot water? With a tankless water heater, you will never have to worry about that, since hot water is constantly available. This is especially good for large families or households that contain a large number of people.

Space savings

When you think about a water heater, you most likely picture one of these huge, cylindrical appliances. However, tankless water heaters are much smaller than traditional ones and therefore take up a lot less space. They can be mounted on walls and installed both indoors and outdoors.


With a tankless water heater, you will have much more efficiency than with a traditional one. Because you are using less energy to heat your water, this will have a positive impact on the environment. There are also lower CO2 emissions. In addition, when it is time to get a new water heater, those of the tankless variety are almost completely recyclable.

Money savings

One of the best reasons to have a tankless water heater installed in your home is because of all the money you will get to keep. When you switch to a tankless water heater, you can save up to 40 percent on your utility bill every month. Think of how much money that ends up being over the course of its lifetime!

Better health

Because of the bacteria found in traditional water heaters, they have been known to sometimes make people sick. This is something that can be avoided with a tankless water heater, since the water is always in motion, passing through the pipes and not remaining stagnant for any period of time. In addition, water in a tankless water heater will never accumulate any rust or scale.

Long lasting

Tankless water heaters can last up to twice as long as a traditional water heater. Additionally, if there is an issue, you can replace individual parts instead of the whole system.

Affordable and a smart investment

Due to rebates and tax credits, affording a tankless water heater has never been easier. Plus, installing one in your house can increase your home’s value, if you ever decide to sell.

If your water heater is on the fritz or you just want an upgrade, consider a Rinnai tankless water heater from Gwyn Services. These are the best tankless water heaters on the market right now, and we have been installing and servicing them for several years.